Feeling BOLD lets you ask questions that otherwise scare you. You confront risks, take action, and challenge assumptions.

Feeling EXPERIMENTAL and HANDS-ON means you build more things, with your bare hands. You pitch in and get dirty. It results in you quickly disproving or proving ideas, in launching 2.0 right away.

Feeling CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE fuels your persistence to try new angles. It drives you to find the crux of something.

You feel about problems the way you feel about puzzles. Something to be out-of-the-box with, to unabashedly take apart.


What's something you've built lately? Microscopic or giant.


Bring out the bold, hands-on creative with a workshop on prototyping, ways to test and validate ideas; design an experiment for a project at hand; or offer coaching as a safe space to explore bold ideation.