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The best way to describe my approach to any conversation (or workshop) is "coaching."

Coaching holds people as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole,

so instead of dictating directions, we listen and ask new questions. We challenge and ideate; we reflect and synthesise; we plan for action, and hold accountable. Coaching offers a new mindset for communication. It's the loving kind of socratic. 

Companies with resident coaches see increased engagement, creativity, and sense of purpose. Coaching is dominant in the West, and emerging in APAC. When should we talk?

- if you'd like more CLARITY. You have the answers. But sometimes, you only recognise the significance when someone repeats what you said. Reflect on potential problems, ideas, and decisions. Digest feedback. Be challenged by new perspectives and questions.

- if you'd like more FOCUS. Tie up all of the loose ends. Celebrate. Pin point what's not working. Figure out how to capitalise on your strengths. Plan and be held accountable.

- if you'd like more CALM. Share what is troubling you in confidentiality. Reflect on what frustrates, depresses, challenges, or scares you. Be able to look where you haven't before.

- any topic. 30 minutes to 2 hours. every week or monthly. We'll commit to a schedule that let's us get where we want to go, and makes sure we persist through the road blocks.

To me, coaching is about space. It's a chance to decelerate. To be clear.

Come and be -- we can do some untangling, sit with discomfort, analyse a situation, ideate wildly, or plan your next steps. For me, the best client-coach relationships have been with those who love the chaos of their lives sometimes, and aren't so sure other times. 

If you're curious, I am an Associate Professional Coach (as certified by the International Coach Federation), trained via Co-Active, Positive Psychology Coaching, and International Coach Academy. My background is in psychology, and research in motivation and goal-pursuit.


Think about one of your goals. What do you want to feel when you achieve it? What does the word you chose really mean? Refine it. When you find a word, ask: what can you do today to feel that way? (Exercise from The Desire Map.)


Read Powerful Questions, which is a great reference for the office or home.
Read The Art of Comforting for the unintuitive things to say to people feeling down.

>> Decelerate, reflect, and ideate!