Feeling INSIGHTFUL and CLEAR allows you to make connections between things that aren't obviously connected. That's creativity. Taking your experience or knowledge and applying it in a new area.

When you are TUNED IN and CURIOUS, you ask more new and thought-provoking questions. You have the energy and ability to explore areas where others dare not to venture. You feel flow and momentum.

When you feel FASCINATED by something, you learn effortlessly. You can't stop thinking about something, in the best way. You are productive and engaged.


What has fascinated you lately? Why? 


Nurture the fascinated, tuned in, and insightful with facilitation to apply design thinking on a new project, or revamp a current one; coaching as a space to clarify and be challenged; workshops to learn problem-unraveling and -solving tools.

Feeling BOLD lets you ask questions that otherwise scare you. You confront risks, take action, and challenge assumptions.

Feeling EXPERIMENTAL and HANDS-ON means you build more things, with your bare hands. You pitch in and get dirty. It results in you quickly disproving or proving ideas, in launching 2.0 right away.

Feeling CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE fuels your persistence to try new angles. It drives you to find the crux of something.

You feel about problems the way you feel about puzzles. Something to be out-of-the-box with, to unabashedly take apart.


What's something you've built lately? Microscopic or giant.


Bring out the bold, hands-on creative with a workshop on prototyping, ways to test and validate ideas; design an experiment for a project at hand; or offer coaching as a safe space to explore bold ideation.

Feeling IN SYNC and MOMENTUM (or momentous) moves you forward. You ideate and produce work at an unbelievable speed, with striking effectiveness.

Feeling FOCUSED allows you to zoom in on the details while keeping the big picture in mind. You are aware and discerning. You are full of refined energy.

Feeling ACCOMPLISHED and CONFIDENT makes you strong. Your presence gives others a calm strength as well. You step forward with your intuitions and challenging questions.


What does "confident" really mean? Is it knowledgable, graceful, or something else?


Bring out focused, in sync, confident teams with facilitation to explore a new project or set objectives, design thinking workshops, or coaching to acknowledge accomplishments

When you feel CONNECTED and ENGAGED, you find insights in each client story or customer feedback. You ask out of curiosity, and synthesise what you hear.

Feeling EMPOWERED and IMPACTFUL gives you the drive to change lives. You're aware of how your specific actions contribute to the bigger picture.

When you are PURPOSEFUL, you are energised. You approach problems with raw passion, and working replenishes your energy. You distinguish between what is important and what is simply urgent.


In what way does your work today impact your team, company, clients, users, or customers?


Accentuate the engaged and purposeful with workshops on the bigger picture, facilitation to choose goals and define values, and coaching to clarify and celebrate